Radio Ga Ga

The other week I found myself appearing on Horton Radio on the show ‘Knowing Your Business’. This all come about via a Facebook group that I’m a member of and half recommended, half volunteering to appear on the show I found myself a couple of Thursday ago listening to the guests prior to me trying to keep my throat lubricated with the judicious application of tea.

Now I’m not frightened of speaking in public, I fall over my words sometimes, but it doesn’t put me off, yet being a guest on a radio show, i suddenly had a pang of nervousness, would I dry up? would I ramble on incoherently? time to get another cuppa before i go live.

Thankfully the shows hosts, Ian Gentles and Joy McCarthy were on hand to keep me in check.

The show is broadcast with about a 30 second delay, so I was able to chat with Ian and Joy briefly before going live.

The 15/20 minutes I was on the show flew by, with Joy asking some questions about Red Ghost Creative, graphic design, branding, being creative and finally revealing that I’m 40 next year.

Thank you to both Ian and Joy for the experience of talk radio, I’ll know what to expect the next time I’m asked if I want to be on radio.

If you want to hear my radio ramblings then visit the ‘Knowing your Business’ website via this link.